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 Mar. 20, 2010 ACM Data Mining Camp

On March 20, 2010 in San Jose at the eBay Town Hall, ACM held a Data Mining Camp. It was more fun than SXSW. I want to thank the people of eBay for accommodating such a large crowd and the ACM volunteers who kept it all running. Tricia Hoffman of ACM moderated panelists Mike Bowles od Bowles Consulting, Ted Dunning of DeepDyve, Greg Makowski of Golden Data Mining, Joseph Rickert of Revolution Computing, Giovanni Seni of Santa Clara University, Michael Walker of Stanford University and Hugh Williams of eBay.

Here are some of the presentations from the Data Mining Camp on 3/20/2010:
* Intro To Data Mining (… or what is it all about anyway?)

* Collaborative Filtering – Review of Koren Papers

* Salford Training – How to Win Data Mining Competitions

* Data Mining Camp 2010 03 20 – Session Matrix