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Beginning with R  Lecture and r code files  Web Page

To Installing R and a development environments go to


Tutorial for R


Run a Shiny App - Execute the next five lines of code:



myurl <- ""

ggplotView <- paste(myurl, "", sep="")


Tutorials for Statistics

Quick R 

Quick  Start Examples

Another R Tutorial

Reference Card

Statistic Methods 

Read WebPage Data into R

Standford Class using R

More R References


Search Engine Dedicated to R

R Packages for Statistical Learning

Full Documentation for R (fullrefman)  (large document ... takes time to download)

Linear Regression with R - Beginning Example

Data Analysis and Graphics Using R: an example-based approach

Lasso and elastic-net regularized generalized linear models.
Flexible and mixture discriminant analysis .
Lasso2 (Turlach).
LARS (Efron, Hastie, Johnstone, Tibshirani).
Efficient version of lasso (entire lasso sequence at cost of single least squares fit).
gradient boosting.
MART (gradient boosting).
Principal curves.
Bootstrap and cross-validation .

Class References

If using R with Linux:  to launch R in an application window type the command "R -g Tk &" into a terminal window

More R references:

In addition, you should see how to plot data well:

 R project web page

Videos on R

for Eclipse 3.6 use

To call R from a Java Program

  • An Introduction to R

  • Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics - An Introduction

  • simpleR - Using R for Introductory Statistics

  • Practical Regression and Anova using R
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